Jiabao Kindergarten and Jiabei Nursery are non-profit bilingual kindergarten and nursery, which use all of its income for the operation and development of the school in order to provide excellent education and learning environment for our children.


Featured with unique EduDrama® methodology, strong immersed bilingual education programmes and nurturing environment, we empower the children to be expressive, creative and confident communicators.


EduDrama® combines "Education" with "Drama", a unique approach underpins all of our programmes. Starting from PlayNest and PlayClub, our Adult-Accompanied Programmes, to Nursery and Kindergarten Programmes, and the signature Speech & Drama Programme and holiday camps.


Currently, we have five campuses in Shanghai: Jiabei Xuhui Nursery, Jiabei Qiantan Nursery, Jiabei Lujiazui Nursery, Jiabao Qiantan Kindergarten and Jiabao Xuhui Kindergarten.



As an extension of our community, JEA is committed to creating a new exploration-based learning experience for children. We provide diversified parent-child and toddler programmes for children aged 4 months to 6 years old. We also provide parents with opportunities to learn from each other and share parenting experiences.



Our Founding Principle

Excellence in Education

Our Mission

Empowering Learners With Skills For Life,Through Dramatically Different Education


Our Vision

A Dramatically Different Learning Journey


About Us