Application for PlayNest / PlayClub Programmes

Thank you for selecting Julia Gabriel Centre to begin a dramatically different learning journey for your child!


Our PlayNest / PlayClub programmes are available for pre-nursery children aged between 6-36 months. The programmes are a good start for children to enjoy exploring and learning on the basis of establishing a great sense of security. They also prepare children well for a smooth adaption to the full-time bilingual nursery and preschool programmes in the future. The PlayNest / PlayClub programmes recruit students in three terms every year. Valid identification certificate documents (birth certificate, passport/household registration) are required for application.

Please understand that only limited number of spaces are available each term, so when you complete the application, you will enter into the waiting list. During the enrollment, we will make a final decision through comprehensive consideration on the applicant's gender, age and other important factors. We will contact the prospective family once an opening for the child becomes available via phone and email.

Admission for PlayNest / PlayClub Programmes is based on the order of application. Parents are encouraged to fill in the application form as early as possible with the official birth certificate of your newborn baby.


Please read the instructions on OpenApply carefully before starting your application.

Please complete application on desktop browser:, or click here to view the application.

The Application Process includes:


Submit the Online Application



Schedule a Time for Trial Class & Information Session



Upload All Required Items and Enter Into the Waitlist



Attend Information Session / Discussion



Fee Payment