Jiabei Lujiazui Nursery

Jiabei Lujiazui Nursery opened in 2015 in the Lujiazui Financial District, adjacent to Yuanshen Sports Center Stadium and New York University Shanghai Campus. Occupying the entire 1st floor of Building 5, Lujiazui Residence on Zhangyang Road, this campus is well-equipped with various facilities including a PlayRoom, a BookRoom and a Nursing Room, providing a safe, quiet and nurturing environment for 0-3 year old toddlers to explore freely.

Jiabei Lujiazui Nursery was our first campus to open in Pudong and catered specifically for families with children aged 6 months to 3 years old in the greater-Lujiazui area as well as those from Huangpu, Hongkou and Yangpu districts.

Jiabei Lujiazui  Nursery provides


Full-day Immersion Bingual Nursery

PlayNursery Programme (2- 3 years old)



Adult-Accompanied Programmes

PlayNest Programme (6- 18 months)

PlayClub Programme (18 months - entering nursery)


Extension Programmes

Speech & Drama Programme,

After School Programmes and Holiday Camps



Add.:1550 Zhangyang Road, Building 5,

          Pudong New District

Tel.: (021) 58821289