We believe Excellent Education is what enables children to reach their full potential in life. Jiabei Nursery’s bilingual programme uses unique, EduDrama® approach that has been successfully applied to early childhood education for more than 30 years. Our programme empowers a kid from within, providing motherly love, scientific nurturing, stimulating interactions and professional guidance to ensure a Dramatically Different first 3 years of life.


Our Pre-Nursery and PlayNursery programmes provide a warm and positive environment for children's growth. The focus of the nursery programme is the holistic development of the children. For those children who have participated in our adult-accompanied programmes, they will be more adapted as we keep the same essences and format of the curriculum.

With the rapid globalization and diversification of the world, we know that learning two languages from early childhood can improve the overall intellectual development of the brain. The bilingual mindset and logic thinking will help children adapt to different environments. Our unique curriculum system is developed by both Chinese and English speaking professionals with rich teaching experience and passion for early childhood education. It is highly appreciated by student families who look for bilingual education. Chinese and English speaking teachers work hand-in-hand to offer an interesting and interactive bilingual environment in our nursery class for our kids to explore and learn.


At Jiabei, we actively support children to take the very first step of life on their own. They learn how to take care of themselves and make their own decisions. They develop the sense of order in community activities to form good habits. The small class size ensures that every individual kid receives sufficient attention and interaction so that they are encouraged and guided in a timely manner. Their social skills are developed and strengthened to be better adapted to their learning in kindergarten.


We are educators full of love and passion because we nurture children with the heart of a parent. We care about every detail of our children. Our education philosophy and approach are filled with love and warmth. It will lay a solid foundation for the life-long learning journey of our children.

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