In Julia Gabriel Centre, we focus on the improvement of staffs’ ability. As a result, we contributed a training system to focus and support their long-term development.


We help staffs to apply methodologies to their roles through many different ways, including new staff onboarding training plan, ongoing training, teaching skills trainings, new management development plans, Professional Development Days, internal and external education conferences, degree tuition sponsoring and etc. In the meanwhile, staff can broaden the horizons and consistently enhance their core competencies to better achieve their personal goals and career path.


In Julia Gabriel Centre, we’ve built a clear career development path for each of our staff, be it the academic roles or the management roles, all staff can find a suitable direction to pursue. Flexible internal transfer, HQ and all campus cooperation can help staff gain more experiences in different campuses and roles for a better personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Professional Development

Education Conference


Education Conference Host - Leslie


On the 12th February 2022, Julia Gabriel held its first ever Education Conference, an event that brought colleagues together through multiple trainings and discussions that led to improving the learning experience of the students. These trainings were called learning circles and each attendee had the opportunity to participate in 3 learning circles, choosing 1 from each time slot. Among the topics you could find something for everyone; games, music, movement, teacher development, classroom development and self-care to name a few.


Our Qiantian Jiabao campus graciously served as a venue for the event and on the morning of the 12th, the campus was abuzz with excitement. Hugs and smiles filled the entrance as teachers from all campuses found time to catch up and grab a snack before being seated. Expectations were high and everyone watched the start of an initiative that could become part of the Julia Gabriel legacy.


It was an honour to be a learning circle host in this special event. Being invited to share my skills and experience with my peers had me feeling nervous but excited all at the same time. In a brief moment during my session, I acknowledged the feeling of community and collaboration among the attendees. People started to share about their own experiences, ideas and skills. Questions were being asked and answers were being discussed. This type of learning spearheads the narrative that most times, teachers can gain more from each other, than from theory-based trainings.


The event concluded with participation awards for attendees who displayed enthusiasm and engagement in their discussions. Learning circle hosts also received awards of appreciation for their work, time and effort towards making the event a success.


We are definitely looking forward to next year’s Education Conference!


See you there!



PlayNursery English Teacher, Qiantan Jiabei Nursery


Education Conference Attendee - Kell


12th of February 2022… a day to remember for everyone at Julia Gabriel as we held our first EDUCATION CONFERENCE!

Though we always have training for professional development throughout the year, this was the first time that the educators of Julia Gabriel got to share their passion and knowledge with their peers and boy did they deliver!


As a participant, you got to experience everything from working up a sweat by playing games from all over the world to discovering your musical abilities… all with the sole purpose of creating a multifaceted learning experience for our kids.


As teachers, we can get stuck in our teaching routines but it was truly refreshing to learn new and innovative methods to not only engage with our kids but giving them the chance to explore their own interests and abilities.


The inaugural Education Conference of Julia Gabriel gave their teachers a unique opportunity to learn from one another and for everyone involved, from the organizers to the presenters to the participants. A feeling of excitement and eagerness fills us up thinking of next year’s Education Conference.





Nursery 2 English Teacher, Qiantan Jiabao Kindergarten